Let’s swim!


May 10, 2023

Thanks for visiting this blog site!  Yes, I will be teaching swim lessons again this summer.

I have scheduled small group lessons two afternoons per week at Branbury State Park.  Scheduled days are Mondays and Wednesdays and, if needed, Fridays for rain make-up days.

I will also be instructing groups through the Brandon Recreation Department summer program, AND (new this year) the Salisbury Town Swim Program. The Town of Brandon offers great summer youth programming and you do not have to be a Brandon resident in order to sign up for these swim lessons. The Salisbury swim program is only open to residents of Salisbury.

Please note these 2023 changes/updates for the Water Wonders lesson groups at Lake Dunmore:

  • COVID– No Covid-19 restrictions this summer. In keeping with the CDC removing all Covid-19 restrictions, I am doing the same.  Thanks for everyone being so cooperative about this in the summers of 2021 and 2022.
  • SCHEDULE – 7-11 year old beginners group – Added in 2022 and offering it again this summer. The majority of swimmers new to lessons are typically preschool ages, starting at 2½ or 3 years old in the “Family/Tadpole & Frog” groups, up to about 5-6 years old in “Seahorse” groups. Due to pandemic restrictions that required isolation and limited opportunities to swim, there were more children who had no swim instruction, so they are now a little older and starting lessons at novice or beginner skill levels. Last summer I tried a class to accommodate swimmers who are in that 7-11 years age range, but still at the beginner level. This separate group allowed for them to learn at their skill level without having to be in groups with much younger children.  I am offering this class again on Wednesdays at 5:00.
  • SCHEDULE – I know that many families travel or are otherwise busy the week of Independence Day, so lesson groups will start July 10 & July 12 which is the week AFTER the holiday week.
  • FULL LESSON SERIES– The Water Wonders summer sessions consist of 6 lessons for each group.
  • WELCOME NEW STAFF – Kaitlin Sulik-Doty will be joining us at the lake to assist with classes. She is a skilled swimmer and a certified Lifeguard. Welcome, Kaitlin!

Click on the schedule tab for details. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Send me an email with your swimmer’s age and the group you want; I will hold the spot you have requested and reply with availability.  However, space is not confirmed until I receive your completed and signed release form and payment.  See release form for details.

To sign up for Brandon Recreation Department swim lessons and Town of Salisbury Swim Program, click on the link to the Brandon Recreation Department on the right side of this page.  Then click on PROGRAMS and you will find a registration page for the Brandon sessions and a separate page for the Salisbury program.

I appreciate your interest and hope to see you and your swimmers this summer!

Paddles and bubbles,



Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by this site for a visit!   Vermont summers mean it’s definitely time to JUMP IN the water and enjoy our short outdoor swim season. Here’s a site where I get to share my enthusiasm and commitment to swimming and water safety.  Please take a look around this site and get back to me with your thoughts and questions.

If you are interested in classes, check out the SCHEDULE section.   If you have tried to reach me and haven’t heard back, please don’t be offended – spring is a challenge for me, with full busy days at work and farm/animal duties when the longer daylight hours allow it.  In late spring I organize the summer schedule and begin scheduling time at Branbury State Park (and a few other locations).  I will look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

Meanwhile, grab your suit and some sunblock, and I’ll see you at the beach!

Breathe and blow,    Jake

View from the grass above the beach